How to Shoot Farther in Basketball Like a Pro?

Watching the NBA greats like Steph Curry and Ray Allen and wondering- how to shoot farther in basketball? Well, having a proper shooting technique will help you develop an excellent shooting form and allow you to shoot from impossible positions.


Being able to shoot from the farthest distances is a tremendous prowess that phenomenal shooters possess. You can give your team a chance to go ahead whenever you have the ball. Whether you practice individual shooting drills basketball or take the help of an automatic rebounder, becoming a pro shooter takes a lot of effort and dedication.


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The hacks of shooting from the farthest distances like a pro:

Apart from understanding the court’s layout, the player positions, and other skills, basketball is dependent on flawless shooting. It is undeniably the most significant and most important skill in basketball. Becoming a basketball pro is guaranteed if you are a baller who can shoot confidently from the most considerable distance and convert your shots!


You can rely on automatic basketball shooters and rebounders for refining this much-needed skill. Though the Dr. Dish shooting machine price is less because of its manufacturing in China, the sturdy and state-of-the-art Shoot-A-Way Guns will definitely come to your aid.


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Let’s analyze critical features that will help you shoot from the farthest distances like a pro.

The BEEF principle- shoot the farthest in basketball:

Shooting is one of the most crucial facets of the game. If you are shooting successfully from the farthest distance, you will get a hands-down advantage for your team. Improving your shooting percentage slightly will result in a massive improvement in your team’s winning percentage. So let’s elaborate on the BEEF principle that will help you shoot successfully from great distances.


Balance: You need to develop a great stance. Weight should be equally distributed in both legs, with the knees slightly bent for power. A robust, balanced base will create the ideal foundation for shooting across great distances.


Eyes on the target: You can focus at the front of the rim of the basket or the back. If you want to shoot flawlessly like a pro, think like a pro. According to pro ballers, your shot will follow your eyes, and hence it is essential to focus them correctly.


Elbows alignment: When you are prepared to shoot, your elbows should make a 90-degree angle with your torso and be underneath the basketball. Your shooting hand fingertips should be on the ball while the other hand grazes the face of the ball.


Follow-through: Follow-through is immensely important. After launching the ball, your wrists should flex with your fingers pointed towards the court. The ball should get released from the tips of your index and middle fingers. You need to practice the best shooting drill for basketball to create a flawless follow-through.


best shooting drill for basketball

With these technical tidbits and some solid shooting drill practice, you can shoot precisely from massive distances.